J&S Automtoive LLC

I authorize J & S Automotive, LLC to complete collision repairs on my vehicle

In the manner they see fit.  I understand that payment in full will be due prior

to the release of vehicle, including additional supplemental damage charges

and I personally guarantee that I will pay all sums not paid by insurance upon

presentation of a final invoice.  Should I default in the payment, I acknowledge

and grant a mechanics lien on said vehicle to J & S Automotive, LLC and 

understand that my vehicle will be released to me until the amount due is paid

in full.  If payment is not paid within 30 days, J & S Automotive, LLC will proceed with the filing a lien and permit to sell the vehicle for acquisition of the title.  Payment including work performed, tow bill, collection expenses and  attorney’s fees will be due prior to the release of lien.

I hereby grant you/or your employees, permission to operate the vehicle herein described on any street, highway or elsewhere for the purpose of testing and/or inspection.

I agree to remove all personal items from my vehicle before any work is commenced.  I acknowledge that J & S Automotive, LLC is not responsible for loss or damage to articles left in vehicle.

By signing below I indicate that I have reviewed and understand these terms and conditions, that I have received a copy of the repair estimate and authorize the repairs as described.

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